Our company, which started its main activities with various projects in 2013, has transformed into a structure that provides global services with Seckin Fikir Incorporation, which we established in February 2020 in Delaware, USA.

We supported artists from all over the world with our brands that enable digital content licensing, publishing content on more than 80 platforms, and generating income for content owners.

We provided services to many international companies with the integration modules and system solutions we developed on a project basis.

Our company, which we established at the beginning of the pandemic, continued its services and R&D activities successfully despite the difficult sectoral conditions.

Due to the change in supply and expectations in the sectors we serve, we have decided to end our 10-year adventure.

"Unique ideas, unlimited imagination." We offered unique services with our motto. Thank you to everyone who united under this motto.

We would like to thank our business partners, artists, customers and teammates.

Seckin Fikir Incorporation HQ.